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We are bringing together people of faith and impact investors, theologians and social entrepreneurs, and other business and faith leaders to respond with courage and imagination to the most urgent and demanding economic, social, environmental, and spiritual challenges of our day. The relevance of a congregation today is tied to its willingness to address economic injustice.

"How we relate to others and the broader world is a matter of how we understand the meaning of stewardship. Theological imagination can help us experience those relationships in new ways – ways that rewrite the course of the world toward greater expressions of equity, equality, and peace. Faith+Finance matters so much because it will be a container for these kinds of questions."
Christian Peele
Christian Peele​
Deputy Director of Management and Administration for Personnel, White House

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Faith+Finance is produced by GatherLab LLC, whose founders also created Social Capital Markets (SOCAP), the world’s largest and most global social enterprise and impact investing conference. 

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