When billionaires are made richer in a pandemic while millions face evictions, we know in our hearts something is wrong. It doesn’t have to be this way. But what are the alternatives? How can we help build a more just and loving economy that works for ALL of us?

Join the Faith + Finance community as we explore how the economy works and how it can become an expression of our deepest values. This series is organized into four sessions that build in succession as we dive deep into what it means to put spirit and ethics into action. 

Information on the first two sessions is now available below. 

All sessions are free to attend. Registration for any single conversation will automatically sign participants up for the entire series as well as updates on future news and events from the Faith+Finance community. Video links for each conversation will be emailed to registrants after the session.

October 28, 1:00p ET

We were created for more than GDP. Even before the pandemic, Americans were struggling to balance the demands of work, family, and life. We have built our lives in service to the economy, but shouldn’t the economy serve us? How do we construct systems that reflect our deepest values? And what role should communities of faith play?

Be part of this engaging conversation with Otho Kerr of the NY Fed, Amit Bouri of The GIIN, Stephanie Swepson-Twitty with Eagle Market Streets, and Rabbi Elan Babchuck of the Glean Network.

November 15, 12:00p ET

Financial analysts on the news make the economy sound like a force of nature – as though we can try to predict its path, but must accept that it is out of our control. In reality, the economy is us. For those of us who want to see the economy shift towards equity, justice, and love – how can we make choices and wield our influence in a way that will drive necessary change? This session featuring UK economist Eve Poole and Brooking’s Institute Senior Fellow Andre Perry will pull back the veil on how the economy works and point us toward new models for meeting 21st century challenges.