Preaching God's Economy

A Conversation with Revs. Buddy Stallings, Rosa Lee Harden, Amy Butler & Sidney Williams

Sermons Reimagining God's Economy

Lisa Sharon Harper
Freedom Road

Rev. Dr. Sidney Williams
Bethel Church of Morristown

The Rev. Canon Rosa Lee Harden

Luke 4:18-19

2 Kings 4:1-7

Acts 2:44-45

Rev. Mark Elsdon
RootedGood & Pres House

Rev. Dr. Amy Butler
National City Christian Church

Rev. Dr. Leroy Barber
The Voices Project

Luke 12:13-21

Matthew 13:1-8

Isaiah 55:1

Reclaiming the Church's Role in Health Care

Featuring Sr. Simone Campbell, Sarah Thebarge, Dr. Samuel Ross, & Dr. Scott Morris

Pandemic Pivot Stories

Featuring Christian Peele, Matt Elsberry & Chris Seals

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A Blueprint for Local Investing

Featuring David Robinson, Sr., David Robinson, Jr., & Ross Baird

Can Capitalism Be Healed?

Featuring Eve Poole

Part I: Keynote and Q&A with Eve Poole

Part II: The Response Panel

Clip: Eve Poole's Opening Remarks

The Purpose of Capital and the Cost of Wealth

Featuring Jed Emerson and Edgar Villanueva

Part I: Jed Emerson and Edgar Villanueva in Conversation

Part II: The Response Panel

Clip: Jed Emerson’s Opening Remarks

Clip: Edgar Villanueva’s Opening Remarks

Clip: Mark Sampson’s Response
Clip: Kenda Dean’s Response
Clip: Reginald Blount’s Response