Building a Just + Loving Economy

Preaching God's Economy

Advent 2021

A Conversation with Revs. Buddy Stallings, Rosa Lee Harden, Amy Butler & Sidney Williams

Sermons Reimagining God's Economy

How Can People of Faith Enrich the SOCAP Conversation?

Featuring Mark Sampson, Derrick Morgan, Rosa Lee Harden, R. Todd Johnson

Reclaiming the Church's Role in Health Care

Featuring Sr. Simone Campbell, Sarah Thebarge, Dr. Samuel Ross, & Dr. Scott Morris

A Blueprint for Local Investing

Featuring David Robinson, Sr., David Robinson, Jr., & Ross Baird

Can Capitalism Be Healed?

Featuring Eve Poole

Part I: Keynote and Q&A with Eve Poole

Part II: The Response Panel

Clip: Eve Poole's Opening Remarks

The Purpose of Capital and the Cost of Wealth

Featuring Jed Emerson and Edgar Villanueva

Part I: Jed Emerson and Edgar Villanueva in Conversation

Part II: The Response Panel

Clip: Jed Emerson’s Opening Remarks

Clip: Edgar Villanueva’s Opening Remarks

Clip: Mark Sampson’s Response
Clip: Kenda Dean’s Response
Clip: Reginald Blount’s Response