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Five Reasons to Attend Our Event | Blog Post | Jan. 19, 2024

Empowerment Starts Here: Top 5 Reasons to Attend Our Economic Justice Conference

Build with us! Here are the top five reasons you should attend the Neighborhood Economics Conference, an economic justice event from February 25-28, 2024, in San Antonio, Texas.

1. Border policies matter.

This year’s conference will take place in Texas, a state where immigrants make up a quarter of the workforce and the governor has transported more than 100,000 migrants to Sanctuary Cities throughout the U.S. Border policies are a hot issue in this state, and it’s an apt setting for us to explore the impact of border policies as they relate to economic justice and affect millions of individuals throughout the states. Together, we will delve into the complex interplay between national borders, immigration policies, and their influence on ensuring fairness in economic opportunities. 

The ramifications of these policies are profound, as they shape many aspects of our society and economy, including the flow of goods, services, and labor across borders. Moreover, understanding how these policies disproportionately affect vulnerable groups is essential, as marginalized communities face additional barriers when accessing markets and employment opportunities. 

At the Neighborhood Economics Conference in February, we’ll identify practical ways to make our communities safer and more equitable. Our responses to border policies have the potential to shape a more just society, safeguard workers’ rights, prevent exploitation, and uplift disadvantaged populations. Our discussions will plant seeds to create equitable growth and prosperity on a global scale.

2. You will connect with impact investors, non-profit organizations, and faith groups actively working on issues of justice in communities across the nation. 

Hear from faith leaders who acknowledge that justice issues go hand in hand with compassion. The religious organizations attending this year’s event strive to support their community members spiritually and understand the importance of advocating for and working toward social change. 

From fundraising for houseless people to organizing food drives and advocating for marginalized groups such as immigrants and LGBTQ+ individuals, these religious organizations are prioritizing inclusivity and equitable causes. The event in February will serve as a platform to expand our networks and alliances and leverage our collective abilities to catalyze systemic change.

3. San Antonio is a city with tangible hope for a just economy. 

Neighborhood Economics happens in a different U.S. city each year. Most of us attend the event year after year to form new connections and grow our networks with like-minded people and organizations. We are thrilled to congregate in San Antonio this year with veteran and new attendees from all over the country.

Why San Antonio? Because it’s a city enmeshed in relevant topics that we must address nationally and within our own communities. San Antonio is a dynamic city where the potential for a fair and equitable economy is palpable. With its rich blend of cultures, including Latinx, African American, and Asian influences, and its physical proximity to the national border, San Antonio boasts a deep sense of inclusivity and social equality. We believe this setting will create an electrifying atmosphere to connect, learn and build together. 

4. Social activities every night include boot-scooting, Cumbia, line-dancing, and other opportunities to shake your groove thing. 

Unwind and have fun at the social activities planned each night, where you can let loose and enjoy the company of some of the nation’s most engaged and inspiring economic justice workers. The lively activities we have planned will offer levity and physical movement, as well as opportunities to build interpersonal relationships with like-minded advocates. Level up your teamwork, coordination, and perseverance—these traits will translate well during our in-depth discussions, presentations, and group sessions throughout the event!

5. You have so much to learn from what is happening here and now!

The Neighborhood Economics Conference offers an invaluable opportunity to learn from the current economic landscape. By bringing together professionals, community leaders, and activists under one roof, this conference serves as a national hub for transformative discussions and actions that directly address the disparities prevalent in our society. The upcoming event will cultivate. Community. Don’t be surprised if the attendees and presenters you’ll meet in San Antonio next month become your co-conspirators and confidants for years to come.

Motivating lectures, engaging workshops, and meaningful networking opportunities will deepen your knowledge and empower you with new ways of challenging mainstream economic systems perpetuating inequality. The conference is thought-provoking for even the most seasoned activists. Each year, participants return home from the three-day incubator with renewed inspiration and practical strategies to share with their communities, organizations, and businesses.

Join us in San Antonio for the 2024 Neighborhood Economics Conference!

Harness your power—and the powers of your local community and national connections—at the Neighborhood Economics Conference! Don’t miss this unique and invaluable chance to foster economic and social justice. Purchase tickets to the Neighborhood Economics conference and join us in San Antonio, Texas, from February 25-28, 2024.