Economic Theologies

Beyond Rugged Individualism: What Is The Common Good?

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What does it look like to see our lives as interconnected as they really are? How do we begin to reinvest in the common good? Anne Snyder, Jennifer Bailey, and Peter Block talk about the role of community in building an economy of interdependence and mutuality.

The Economy is Not Gravity: Understanding the Choices that Shape our Lives

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The economy is us. It is shaped by the personal decisions we make every day and the public policies we enact. This session, featuring UK economist Eve Poole and Brookings Institute Senior Fellow Andre Perry, will pull back the veil on how the economy works and point us toward new models for meeting 21st-century challenges.

Replicating the Power of Nun Money

If you search into the roots of most of the established and successful investment platforms addressing issues like the racial and other wealth gaps, housing, and food security, you will find nun money, and often Sister Corrine was there at the start.

When His God Stopped Making Sense

Bryan Franklin moved back to the U.S., still working for the evangelical basketball for peace nonprofit, and through a grant from a big shoe company, started opening up new urban areas for them. Then Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson.