Creating a Culture of Change

Be The Change: Toward a Just and Loving Economy

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A different way is possible. Expressions of new economic models are emerging all across our country. But with systems so big and seemingly intractable, it’s hard to know where to begin. How can you be part of the change?

Using the Reagan Test Today

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As we seek to evaluate the effectiveness of economic policies and decisions of our leaders, Regan’s test is a valid one to apply: Are we better off now than we were 18 months ago? If we are using economic indicators to answer this question, for millions of Americans the answer would almost certainly be a resounding, “yes.”

Delta Interfaith Organizes Power for those Without It

“You get tired of losing, tired of, you know, just watching people, crying in school board meetings. And just the impotency that goes along with all that. That wasn’t attractive to me. I wanted to learn what is this thing power?”